You Might Need a Jacket...A Straight-Jacket!


Tonight’s episode was a tribute to Hall of Famer Earl Austin Jr.s book series, You Might Need a Jacket, profiling short stories of crazy antics that occur in the stands during youth sporting events. Earl has covered high school sports for over 30 years in the St. Louis area and has heard and seen a lot of crazy behavior! This is a perfect fit into our Youth Sports series, as parents we have to be mindful of the experience we are providing our youth, and be mindful of the reputation and role modeling that evolves through that time in our lives. Little eyes are always on you!

My thanks to my youth athletes and their dads, who read some story’s from Earl’s book. These crazy stories coming to you from a child’s voice puts it into perspective and amplifies the ridiculous actions of “adults” at youth sporting events. My readers, Carter Riggs (Dad-Corey Riggs) and Brooklyn Friebe (Dad-Shane Friebe) did a tremendous job! They may be the next generation of sportscasters!

Next week, we are going to hear from some of the top Boy’s Basketball players in the country. Members from the Junior NBA World Championship team and other top recruits in the country took time to chat with us at the Midwest Basketball Showcase in June. Enjoy their interviews as they share their journey through the recruitment process.