Between the black and white..great insight from top officials!

Big time officials Ron Snodgrass (Big 10 Conference) and Larry Nemmers (NFL) shared how officials mentally prepare for their angle in sports.  Both gave excellent advice for young officials on how to climb the ladder and officiate at a higher level.  They also shared how they keep themselves cool, along with coaches, players and fans.  These two are the real deal! Listen to the show at - thank you! 

Still Mental!

Join us as we continue talking about the importance of coaching the MENTAL side of the game.  Southern Illinois University Men's Basketball Coach Barry Hinson will share, energetically, how important it is to get to know your players and what he looks for in his recruits.  

Jared Ridder is Xavier bound - how is he preparing for the transition from high school to Division I basketball?  Tune in and find out on JOCK 98.7FM from 6:00-7:00 Wednesday! 

Continuing on the Mental Road...

We will continue talking about the mental side of sports....and life.  Differeientiated learning is not just for the classroom, it is helpful when coaching a wide variety of players.  We will look at how to get to know your players/co-workers/family and provide the best culture for positive transference and productivity as possible.  JoBelle Hopper, Jon Leamy and Lisa Tinkler join us. 

Getting Mental Here!

Thanks for Dr. Tommy Burnett, who has his PhD in Sports Psychology, and longtime coach Leon Neal for sharing their insights on visualization and the mind's eye, fear of failure, transference, success phobia, and spirituality as motivators for mental preparation and production.  Excellent. 

Next week, we will continue talking about the mental side of sports....and life.  Differentiated learning is not just for the classroom, it is helpful when coaching a wide variety of players.  We will look at how to get to know your players/co-workers/family and provide the best culture for positive transference and productivity as possible.  

Difficult Conversations and, again, Developing those Programs!

What an excellent panel of college coaches on the show tonight!  Great advice from coaches that know about developing a program.  Many thanks to Coach Chuck Hepola and Coach Shane Hartley from Evangel Football, Coach Caira Dortch from SBU Volleyball, and Coach Denny Hunt from SBU Basketball.  

Join us this weekend for the MBCA Celebration Weekend: 

  • Saturday/Sunday - Missouri Challenge at Drury University
  • Saturday at noon - Hall of Fame Induction at the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame
  • Sunday at one - Academic All-State and Awards Banquet at the Oasis 
  • Visit for details! 

Join us on our next show as we dive into a series about the mental side of the game – some say it is 80% of the game – we will look at mental preparation, visualization and the mind’s eye, and keeping our mentality sharp.

Program Development...Continued

Coaches John Hartley, Keri Nichols and Darin Archer shared their insights, experience, and advice on program development and difficult conversations with players and parents. Join us next week when college coaches share their visions for program development. Listen to previous shows at and follow @coachhopkins987 on Twitter to win a $20 gift certificate from Rib Crib.  

TRIVIA SHOWDOWN - There were survivors!

What an incredible group - thank you for putting yourselves out there and participating in our first trivia showdown! Thank you to the very talented broadcasters that joined me and Dr. Ron Snodgrass for officiating!  Hey, MOM! Thanks for the food, it was delicious as always! 

The results are in! 

CHAMPIONS - Art Hains and Guy Newcomb

RUNNER UP - Corey Riggs and Don West

3RD PLACE - Ned Reynolds and Mark Stillwell


BEST REFEREE - Ron Snodgrass

BEST SPONSORS - Great Southern Bank - thank you for the extended showtime! Bill Grant Ford, Craig Lehman with Shelter Insurance, and Hiland Dairy. Special sponsors for this show - Bull's Trophy for providing the awards and Bob Luke from Rib Crib for providing our official and producer prize! Gratitude to you all!!! 

Thanks, again, fellas!  Join us next week as we continue to talk about Program Development and having tough conversations with players and parents. 


THE TRIVIA SHOWDOWN IS JUST HOURS AWAY!  Join us tonight, Wednesday, April 5th for a TWO HOUR special.  Broadcasters team up and compete for the Trivia Showdown on A Coach's Perspective. The teams are (in NO particular order):

Ned Reynolds and Mark Stillwell

Art Hains and Guy Newcomb

Corey Riggs and Don West

To keep sanity and control, Dr. Ron Snodgrass, Big 10 Referee will be here to officiate. 

Join us from 6:00-8:00pm on JOCK 98.7FM.....and/or on Facebook live!  Go to A Coach's Perspective twitter @coachhopkins987 for the link. 

Program Development at its best!

Thank you to Trevyor Fisher (Republic Boy's Basketball), Kevin Cheek (Skyline Girl's Basketball), and Vicki Newcomb (Bolivar Boy's and Girl's Track Coach) for sharing their philosophies on program development and the impacts of coaching experiences instead of just seasons. We had an amazing co-host, too!  Thank you Kelli Cheek, great job! 

Buckle up next week!  TWO HOUR SPECIAL - trivia showdown! Local broadcasters team up and compete for the ACP Trivia Sports Championship. Send in your trivia questions to - tune in next Wednesday, April 5th 6:00-8:00 on JOCK 98.7! 

Coming up on A Coach's Perspective...

We have some GREAT shows coming is your preview: 

Wednesday, March 22nd - Well known broadcaster Jim Powers will visit with us on all kinds of subjects in sports.  My co-host for the night will be the talented Corey Riggs

Wednesday, March 29th - Program development! This is huge!  Don't just coach a team, develop a program and culture that is an experience for student-athletes.  Kevin Cheek will be here from Skyline to talk about his philosophy on developing successful programs.  Trevyor Fisher will also be here to talk about his ideas on enhancing the experience of his players.  We will also have a very successful track coach that will discuss how to develop such a foundational sport. 

Wednesday, April 5th - CUE THE MUSIC!!! IT'S A TWO HOUR PRIMETIME SPECIAL!!!! Buckle up, everyone!  We are having a sports trivia throw-down/show-down.  We will have three trivia teams that will compete in a two hour special edition of A Coach's Perspective.  Ned Reynolds and Mark Stillwell will be on a team.  Art Hains and Guy Newcomb will team up and Corey Riggs and Don West will compete together. Big 10 Football referee Ron Snodgrass will be here to officiate! It should be quite a show - don't miss it! 6:00-8:00

Coming up on Wednesday...March 15th...check out these players!

We will have a panel of players on this show and will discuss their careers, recruitment process, successes and challenges, and look into their future and how they will use sports to live champion lives. Joining us will be Xavier signee Jared Ridder from Kickapoo High School, All-Time Scoring Leader in Springfield Julius Walker who is currently undecided on where he will attend, Jordan Sanders, Kickapoo High School senior and University of California-Irvine bound, and the College of the Ozarks signee, new state champion and state record holder, Strafford High School's Abby Oliver.  6:00-7:00 on JOCK 98.7

Want to know how to be a Champion? Missouri State Handball has it figured out!

Wonderful guests tonight - we had the Missouri State Handball Program in studio to talk about their 12th National Championship title, they have also won seven Men's titles and 13 Women's titles.  This Missouri Sports Hall of Fame Program has produced All-Americans and National Champions for over 30 years.  Coach Tommy Burnett and Coach Brian Watson shared how the program has become successful and what it takes to win year in and year out.  All-Americans Sam Esser and Gretchen Gregory also voiced what handball has done for them and how important being part of team is to their success.  Very inspiring players and coaches!  

Take a listen at under Listen to Previous Shows.  Every competitor can relate.  If you want to try handball, or support the program in any way email me at and we will get you in touch with their head coach, Dr. Tommy Burnett. Go Handball Bears! 

Also, good luck to all of the teams and communities in the hunt for the state championship, we wish you all luck! 

"Hey, Ref!" Officials were in studio tonight...

Thank you to NFL Referee Larry Nemmers, Missouri Valley Conference (among others) Coordinator of Officials, Eddie Jackson and collegiate official, Paul Priest, for sharing their unique roles from the angle of the stripes. Great insight and experience! 

State Championships are going to be crowned soon - let's chat with some coaches and players about this time of year and the excitement of playing in the play offs. Another rivals show is coming - send in your top rivals to to be featured in two weeks. 

Rival Time!

Thank you to my guests tonight talking about Rivals: Guy Newcomb (Mt. Vernon), Rodger Wheeler (Aurora), Grant Baker (Aurora/Mt.Vernon), Sid Jordan (Ozark), and Rich Rehagan (Nixa).  Great conversation on how rivals can bring schools and communities closer while exhibiting pride through athletics. 

Next week!  Panel of officials!  Send in your questions for our panel of officials to

Halls of Fame! Gratitude to Jerald Andrews and Mark Stillwell!

It was a great show featuring two gentlemen that have worked for many years recognizing sports figures in various Halls of Fame. Thank you to Jerald Andrews for sharing his insights from the angle of the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame and Mark Stillwell for presenting his experiences with three Halls of Fame, the Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame, Missouri Valley Conference Hall of Fame and the Missouri State University Athletics Hall of Fame. 

Join us next week when we talk about RIVALS! The spirit of a school and community escalates around a good rivalry.  We will focus on the next show on the rivalries of Nixa and Ozark, plus the long standing rival of Mt. Vernon and Aurora. We root for two teams!  Our team and whoever plays our rival! Wednesday, February 22nd. 

Thank you to my guests, Nate Lucas and Kyle Moats this week!

Thank you to Kyle Moats for sharing his insights into being the Director of Athletics at Missouri State University.  i also appreciate local broadcaster, Nate Lucas, for making time to share his angle in athletics and what bringing sports to the airwaves means to him.  

Join us next week for a show on Hall of Famers! How are they selected and what is it like running a Hall of Fame.  Jerald Andrews and Mark Stillwell will be here to explain. Wednesday Nights from 6:00-7:00 on JOCK 98.7! 

KYLE MOATS talks about athletic directing and we catch up with area broadcaster NATE LUCAS

Another Angle:  We will continue our discussion on the role of an athletic director in the world of sports.  Missouri State University Director of Athletics, Kyle Moats, will give his take on what it takes to run a Division I athletic program. 

Another Angle: We will then shift gears and talk to one of our area's broadcasters, Nate Lucas, and see what inspired him to take his place as a sportscaster. This is going to be a GREAT interview and a great show! 

So cool! Thank you, Don West and George Wilson!

Great show tonight! Thank you to Don West for sharing his angle on broadcasting.  Also, grateful for George Wilson sharing  about his new book, From the is a collection of stories and history of the Missouri State Basketball Championships. Order at 417-833-9094 (Robert) or 417-840-9353 (Coach Wilson) - this book is a treasure for Missouri Basketball Fans!