Presenting the class of 2017 - SASHOF Inductees


Here they are...three out of the five 2017 induction class for the Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame. They joined us in studio along with our President, Mark Stillwell.  Coach George Wilson, Lyndal Scranton, and Amanda Newton-Plotner were with us tonight.  Also, being inducted next week is multi-sport athlete Mary Phyl Dwight, and, posthumously, local bowler Sean Swanson,  Our inductees shared the impact of sports in their lives and their excitement for the upcoming banquet. 

Next week we will speak with Mary Phyl Dwight about her induction.  We will also have former NFL player Ronald Moore here to talk about how he now advises current NFL players on their finances. Tune in next Wednesday, September 20th from 6:00-7:00! 

Look left, look right, look left, look right.......that's right-we talked Tennis 101

9-6-17 Show Pic.jpg

On this episode we explored the sport of tennis and show it some "love".  Hall of Famers Jodie Adams and Ned Reynolds joined us and educated us on the structure, skills, strategy, etiquette, and much more!  Also, they discuss some of the top players to ever play the game. Check it out!  

Next week we will have Mark Stillwell and some of the inductees for the Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame Banquet coming up on September 19th - get your tickets now! 

Also - BIG NEWS - A Coach's Perspective is now on iTunes Podcast.  Subscribe to it today!  Thanks for listening! 

Be SAFE on the water! Please.


Thank you for my co-host, Jerry Jacob, and my guests, Sgt. Jason Pace with the Highway Patrol, Troop D and Stacy Burks, Executive Director of the American Red Cross for helping me spread and express a powerful message about water safety.  If you missed the show, please listen to it on our site, they gave some valuable tips and information that could quite literally save a life.  This was a personal show, and a hard one to deliver, thank you for all of the support that was shown and please, have fun AND be safe on the water!!  

Our next show will be September 6 and we will be showing the sport of Tennis!  Jodie Adams and Ned Reynolds will be here and we will break down the sport of tennis.  

On September 13 we will preview the Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame Banquet coming up on September 19th - keep listening - you rock! 

Come Sail Away....

What a fascinating story!  We caught up with Dr. Greg Burnett (Captain) and his family, Dr. Melinda Burnett, Tommy, and Allie about their adventure sailing in the Caribbean and Europe over the past two years. We learned about the "cruising culture" (it's a thing!), island hopping, racing, exploring, and many other interesting tidbits as they ran their own family city on the water. The Amazing Marvin, a Leopard 48, housed this family on their two year journey and they have documented it all. Their amazing story and entertaining blog can be checked out at and listen to the show on this site! 

On Monday, August 14th, we will host two Hall of Fame Broadcasters in the same studio! Ned Reynolds and Art Hains will be here to talk about....who knows? I will have a plan, but knowing them, we will not stick to it! Check it out, Monday from 6:00-7:00 on JOCK 98.7FM. 



Great interview with President Clif Smart!

Thank you to the gracious and energetic Missouri State University President, Clif Smart. We spoke about the obvious, and not as obvious, benefits that University sports bring to our community as a whole. My guest was informative and clear on his stance on how University sports can bring strong relationships and spirit to our region. You can catch it on Listen to Previous Shows from the menu! 

Next week we are going to profile a sport and athletic activity that does not get a lot of attention...sailing.  What?  Yes!  Sailing!  Have you ever thought about just taking a sabbatical from work, selling your house, cars, furniture and buying a sailboat to live on with your family?  Well this family did not just think about it, they DID it. Dr. Greg Burnett will be here to talk about his adventure of taking his family on a sailboat for two years.  They sailed the Caribbean, crossed the Atlantic (twice!) and sailed along the coasts of Europe.  The story is fascinating!  You will not believe how much of a workout sailing can be!  Join us on Wednesday, August 9 at 6:00 on JOCK 98.7FM. 

Catching Up with Former Bears and now Solid Coaches

My co-host, JoBelle Hopper and I had a great time with these Bears from the past-Dale Lamberth and Anthony Shavies. Great to catch up and listen about their playing days, their coaching philosophy and how to bridge the gap between high school coaches and AAU coaches to make the ATHLETE be the best they can be. 

We have two weeks off and will return with more shows on Wednesday, August 2nd! 

Do your part in the off season!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! We had a great show about the importance of QUALITY and TARGETED workouts for athletes in the off season.  Mercy Sports Medicine Executive Director, Jim Raynor, shared his knowledge on off season training and the individual prescriptions that athletes need to have in hand.  

We also spoke with Coach Chris Pilz about the Gerald A. Pilz and Friends All-Star Event that will be this Saturday, July 8th at College of the Ozarks.  Basketball fans will be treated to some high school basketball from girls and boys from all over the state. 

Join us next week when we have a blast from the Bears past!  Anthony Shavies and Dale Lamberth will be on, Wednesday, July 12 6:00-7:00 on JOCK 98.7FM. 

Spending time with a CHAMP

Many thanks to Hall of Fame Boxer John Pinney for helping us with our Boxing 101 show and sharing stories about his career in boxing and comedy.  He shared the logistics of a sport that has fascinated America for over a century.  Happy Birthday to my cool co-host, too, Hayden Hopkins!

Next week we are on July 3rd (Monday) where we explore the players end of the deal on Positive Coaching Relationships.  Off-season preparation equals in-season peak performance.  

On July 12 (Wednesday) we catch up with former Bear standouts Anthony Shavies and Dale Lambeth. Have a great 4th of July and thanks for means a lot! 

Eye of the Tiger...It's the Thrill of the Fight

Cue the Rocky music!  We are talking Boxing 101 with Champion and Hall of Famer John Pinney on Wednesday, June 28th from 6:00-7:00 on JOCK 98.7FM.  My co-host and birthday boy, Hayden Hopkins (who John currently trains), and I will question John on the ins and outs of this sport and how it has right hooked Americans for over a century.  We will look at the organization of professional boxing, how it is scored, and talk about John's successful career as a boxer AND a stand up comedian. Should be a HIT! (Yeah, I know.....) 


Wow! Let's do this!  You will be very motivated to get moving after listening to my panel of fitness coaches.  Justin Gabossi, Scott Lewis, and Trudy Hardie shared excellent advice, experience, and insight on taking care of your one and only body. Some of the topics included nutrition, strength training, massage, yoga, and most importantly finding your own prescription for a healthy lifestyle. Listen to it under Listen to Previous Shows at - excellent guests! 

Next week we will replay some of our more requested interviews, Coach Jimmy Johnson and Coach Barry Hinson.  Have a great week...and get moving!!! 

What-A-Coach - Advice from a Hall of Fame Coach - Paul "Moon" Mullins

Coach Paul "Moon" Mullins shared his insight into coaching and how his style worked for coaching a successful football team at Greenwood Laboratory School. Joining us on the show was former Assistant Coach Will Purvis, and former players, Jim Ferguson, Mark Ringenberg, and Ronnie Jester. All shared their memories of playing and working with Coach Mullins and how he shaped them in their youth.  Great stories!  

Join us next week as we GET FIT.  You may not be playing organized sports anymore, but you have to stay in shape and take care of your body.  We will have a panel of fitness trainers here to talk about finding your individual prescription for fitness, health, and well being. Join us along with Justin Gabossi, Trudy Hardie, and Scott Lewis. Thank you! 

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to our golf guru, Coach Dave Oatman for sharing about his love for the game of golf and coaching it.  Gratitude, also, to local broadcaster and United States Army Veteran Sargent Jerry Jacob for sharing and giving a voice on a very important subject. Thank you to all that serve our beautiful country.  God Bless America. 

Next Monday, yes, Monday again, we will be speaking with Hall of Fame Coach Paul Mullins along with Will Purvis and Jim Ferguson.  We will talk about the old Greenwood football days and how important coaching relationships are in sports. 

Take this Baseball 101 class...Don Louzader is the master instructor!

Thank you to Don Louzader for sharing his INCREDIBLE insight, experience, and knowledge into Major League Baseball.  He is amazing!  If you missed this show, listen to it on the website under Listen to Previous Shows. You will be in awe of his knowledge. 

Our next show will be Monday, May 29 - Memorial Day! We will talk with Coach David Oatman about the great game of golf. We will then pay tribute to our Veterans and my favorite veteran, former sportscaster and current news director and anchor, Jerry Jacob will be in studio.  Join us on Memorial Day as we talk sports and how proud we are to be Americans. 

Between the black and white..great insight from top officials!

Big time officials Ron Snodgrass (Big 10 Conference) and Larry Nemmers (NFL) shared how officials mentally prepare for their angle in sports.  Both gave excellent advice for young officials on how to climb the ladder and officiate at a higher level.  They also shared how they keep themselves cool, along with coaches, players and fans.  These two are the real deal! Listen to the show at - thank you! 

Still Mental!

Join us as we continue talking about the importance of coaching the MENTAL side of the game.  Southern Illinois University Men's Basketball Coach Barry Hinson will share, energetically, how important it is to get to know your players and what he looks for in his recruits.  

Jared Ridder is Xavier bound - how is he preparing for the transition from high school to Division I basketball?  Tune in and find out on JOCK 98.7FM from 6:00-7:00 Wednesday! 

Continuing on the Mental Road...

We will continue talking about the mental side of sports....and life.  Differeientiated learning is not just for the classroom, it is helpful when coaching a wide variety of players.  We will look at how to get to know your players/co-workers/family and provide the best culture for positive transference and productivity as possible.  JoBelle Hopper, Jon Leamy and Lisa Tinkler join us. 

Getting Mental Here!

Thanks for Dr. Tommy Burnett, who has his PhD in Sports Psychology, and longtime coach Leon Neal for sharing their insights on visualization and the mind's eye, fear of failure, transference, success phobia, and spirituality as motivators for mental preparation and production.  Excellent. 

Next week, we will continue talking about the mental side of sports....and life.  Differentiated learning is not just for the classroom, it is helpful when coaching a wide variety of players.  We will look at how to get to know your players/co-workers/family and provide the best culture for positive transference and productivity as possible.  

Difficult Conversations and, again, Developing those Programs!

What an excellent panel of college coaches on the show tonight!  Great advice from coaches that know about developing a program.  Many thanks to Coach Chuck Hepola and Coach Shane Hartley from Evangel Football, Coach Caira Dortch from SBU Volleyball, and Coach Denny Hunt from SBU Basketball.  

Join us this weekend for the MBCA Celebration Weekend: 

  • Saturday/Sunday - Missouri Challenge at Drury University
  • Saturday at noon - Hall of Fame Induction at the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame
  • Sunday at one - Academic All-State and Awards Banquet at the Oasis 
  • Visit for details! 

Join us on our next show as we dive into a series about the mental side of the game – some say it is 80% of the game – we will look at mental preparation, visualization and the mind’s eye, and keeping our mentality sharp.