Rival Time!

Thank you to my guests tonight talking about Rivals: Guy Newcomb (Mt. Vernon), Rodger Wheeler (Aurora), Grant Baker (Aurora/Mt.Vernon), Sid Jordan (Ozark), and Rich Rehagan (Nixa).  Great conversation on how rivals can bring schools and communities closer while exhibiting pride through athletics. 

Next week!  Panel of officials!  Send in your questions for our panel of officials to acoachsperpective@gmail.com

Halls of Fame! Gratitude to Jerald Andrews and Mark Stillwell!

It was a great show featuring two gentlemen that have worked for many years recognizing sports figures in various Halls of Fame. Thank you to Jerald Andrews for sharing his insights from the angle of the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame and Mark Stillwell for presenting his experiences with three Halls of Fame, the Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame, Missouri Valley Conference Hall of Fame and the Missouri State University Athletics Hall of Fame. 

Join us next week when we talk about RIVALS! The spirit of a school and community escalates around a good rivalry.  We will focus on the next show on the rivalries of Nixa and Ozark, plus the long standing rival of Mt. Vernon and Aurora. We root for two teams!  Our team and whoever plays our rival! Wednesday, February 22nd. 

Thank you to my guests, Nate Lucas and Kyle Moats this week!

Thank you to Kyle Moats for sharing his insights into being the Director of Athletics at Missouri State University.  i also appreciate local broadcaster, Nate Lucas, for making time to share his angle in athletics and what bringing sports to the airwaves means to him.  

Join us next week for a show on Hall of Famers! How are they selected and what is it like running a Hall of Fame.  Jerald Andrews and Mark Stillwell will be here to explain. Wednesday Nights from 6:00-7:00 on JOCK 98.7! 

KYLE MOATS talks about athletic directing and we catch up with area broadcaster NATE LUCAS

Another Angle:  We will continue our discussion on the role of an athletic director in the world of sports.  Missouri State University Director of Athletics, Kyle Moats, will give his take on what it takes to run a Division I athletic program. 

Another Angle: We will then shift gears and talk to one of our area's broadcasters, Nate Lucas, and see what inspired him to take his place as a sportscaster. This is going to be a GREAT interview and a great show! 

So cool! Thank you, Don West and George Wilson!

Great show tonight! Thank you to Don West for sharing his angle on broadcasting.  Also, grateful for George Wilson sharing  about his new book, From the Beginning...it is a collection of stories and history of the Missouri State Basketball Championships. Order at 417-833-9094 (Robert) or 417-840-9353 (Coach Wilson) - this book is a treasure for Missouri Basketball Fans! 

Great show on the Recruitment of Student-Athletes

Thank you Coaches Jon Leamy (Missouri State Soccer), Lisa Tinkler (Drury Women's Golf), and Steve Shepherd (College of the Ozarks Men's Basketball) for giving your insight and advice on the recruitment of student-athletes.  Their expertise was appreciated! 

The conversation continues next week with Terry Allen as he talks about the recruitment of his children.  Also, we are having a hen party!  Coach Molly Miller (Drury), Coach Jenny Talbert (Fair Grove), Coach Jenny Perryman (Nixa) and I will talk about being a mother AND a coach. Join us on January 18th from 6:00-7:00 pm on JOCK 98.7FM.

WNBA Champion, 5-time State Champion, and some area athletes make up this edition of A Coach's Perspective

We have quite a line up for you on Wednesday, January 4th.  We are ringing in the new year in a CHAMPIONSHIP way....Brian Alger, coach of the current LA Sparks and WNBA Champions will be here.  Jill Nagel, Five-time State Champion  from Columbia Rockbridge will be here. We also caught up with some athletes from the holiday tournaments and asked them a round of "Fast Five" questions.  

Tune in from 6:00-7:00 on JOCK 98.7 - as always send in your story and guest ideas to acoachsperspective@gmail.com! 

"HEY, REF! Check your phone, you missed some calls!"

Haha!  I want to thank my officials panel for being so good natured and informative on last nights show.  Kelly Holt gave us some insight on how officials are certified, educated, and coordinated. Our in-studio officials were GREAT, too, they did a wonderful job answering our questions and giving their perspective.  Thank you, Tyler Stewart, Angel Wilcox, and Garrett Washington.  

Tune in next week for the winningest, and current champion, WNBA coach...Coach Brian Agler from the Los Angles Sparks will be on the show.  We will also a have 5-time State Champion coach....Coach Jill Nagel from Columbia Rockbridge, along with several boys and girls high school athletes answering our "FAST FIVE" questions.  Tune in next week! 

They're back! Our panel of Officials return...

Here is the line up for tomorrows show, December 28th, join us, 6-7! 

Another Angle: We will talk with Kelly Holt about scheduling officials during basketball season and the training and education provided for them. 

Know your Rules or Keep your Mouth Shut: They are back! We have a panel of officials that will be in studio answering questions on rules and judgment calls.  

Are you an idiot, or do you just act like one in the stands?:  The panel of officials answer YOUR questions that have been sent in.  Great job, fans in the stands, there are some good ones! 

Post Game Talk:  Learn from a donkey?  We hope to. 


On our show this week is seven-time Hall of Famer Dr. Tommy Burnett.  He is going to tell us stories about his time with the Arkansas Razorbacks and winning a National Championship and  about winning a Super Bowl with the New York Jets. He will also be telling a legendary and favorite sports story in Arkansas about a track meet in 1958 and their coach, Clell Burnett's "incident"...you don't want to miss it!

Join us Wednesday, December 21st on JOCK 98.7 FM from 6:00-7:00. 


It was a full studio last night! Awesome angles from my guests on Specialization

Thank you to Keith Guttin, Terry Allen, Mary Whitehead, Jim Raynor, Steve Frank, Kayley Frank, Hayley Frank, Ari Acuff, and Conner Sechlor for giving us their perspective on Specialization of the High School Student.  There are so many articles and information out there on this subject, do your homework, and make decisions that are in the best interest of the student-athlete. 

Next week - story time with Hall of Famer/Dr./Coach Tommy Burnett!  See you...wait...talk to you next Wednesday - December 21st. As always...send in your questions, comments, and guest ideas to acoachsperspective@gmail.com! 

December 14th will be a great show on HS Specialization...don't miss it!

Specialization is becoming quite a push for high school students.  This particular show is going to support evidence that it is NOT in the best interest of a high school athlete to specialize. If student-athletes choose to play only one sport, that is fine, but being encouraged to specialize is our topic of discussion. 

We will have, in studio, College Coaches and their perspectives – Keith Guttin – MSU Baseball, Mary Whitehead – Evangel Volleyball, and former college coach Terry Allen. We will have contributions from (via email statements) – Coaches Becky Vest (C of O Women’s Basketball), Chris Martin (SBU Baseball), Jim Flora (SBU Softball), Stacy Edwards (C of O Volleyball),  Dawn Neal (Evangel Women’s Basketball), Lisa Tinkler (Drury Women’s Golf),  Kelli Harper (MSU Women's Basketball).

We will also have Executive Director of Mercy Sports Medicine Jim Raynor in studio to discuss the physiological effects. We will have multi-sport/college/college bound athletes in studio - Ari Acuff – Senior three sport athlete from Kickapoo High School; Kelsie Cleeton – Current college basketball player at College of the Ozarks, four sport athlete in high school -Hillcrest; Conner Sechlor – Three sport athlete from Bolivar High School, committed to play baseball at Missouri State University Hayley Frank – Three sport athlete from Strafford High School. 

Whew! What a show we have planned!  Send in your questions to acoachsperspective@gmail.com - thanks! 



A Coach's Perspective is back on December 14th....Specialization for HS Student-Athletes? NO.

You do not want to miss our next show!  We will have a panel of college coaches, athletic trainers, athletes, and parents talking about the push for some high school student-athletes to specialize in just one sport year round.  We will make our case how that is NOT beneficial for student-athletes. We welcome your suggestions and questions.  Click on this post to comment or email them to acoachsperspective@gmail.com - tune in next Wednesday from 6:00-7:00 pm on JOCK 98.7! 

Cool Show Tonight...Because of some GREAT guests!

Corey Riggs, Keri Nichols, Denny Hunt (Norm Stewart on the phone!)

Corey Riggs, Keri Nichols, Denny Hunt (Norm Stewart on the phone!)

Thank you to my cool guests tonight!  Corey Riggs explained his magical skills in putting together those phenomenal MC22 broadcasts while Norm Stewart, Denny Hunt and Keri Nichols shared their angle in the upcoming Norm Stewart Classic.  We will be out next week due to the Lady Panthers and Lady Bears broadcasts (good luck, ladies!) and we will be back on December 14th on a show about specializing in sports...should high school athletes specialize?  NO.  They should not.  Email in your thoughts at acoachsperspective@gmail.com - thanks for listening...or reading...which is what you are doing now! 

Norm Stewart Classic - 48 Hours of Basketball, plus the Mediacom Magician

Join us Wednesday night, November 30th from 6:00-7:00 pm on JOCK 98.7 for a great show that includes the Executive Producer at Mediacom, Corey Riggs, a conversation with our latest Human Champion, Coach Norm Stewart, Missouri Basketball Coaches Association Executive Director, Denny Hunt and Coach Keri Nichols. What a line up!  Send YOUR questions in to acoachsperspective@gmail.com for these guests. See you Wednesday...no I won't, it's radio...talk to you Wednesday night! 

Great show with the STATE CHAMPS

Thank you to my guests and listeners, great show!  i appreciated Brett Reed, Jim Pendergrass, Steve Frank, Jeremy Mullins, Jeremy Phillips, Lexie Vaught, and Kyler Rea taking the time to be on the show and talk about their Championship seasons. Tune in next week to our regular time, 6:00-7:00.  We will have Corey Riggs, Norm Stewart, and Denny Hunt.  Listen to this weeks show on this site! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


I've paid my dues--Time after time--I've done my sentence--But committed no crime--And bad mistakes--I've made a few--I've had my share of sand kicked in my face--But I've come through--(And I need just go on and on, and on, and on)--We are the CHAMPIONS, my friends,--And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end--We are the CHAMPIONS.--We are the CHAMPIONS--No time for losers--'Cause we are the CHAMPIONS of the world....

Tune in this Wednesday, November 23rd at 6:00 pm on JOCK 98.7FM on A Coach's Perspective and hear from the CHAMPIONSHIP players and coaches from last seasons State Champions.  We will have representatives from BASKETBALL:  (Coaches Steve Frank-Strafford, Jim Pendergrass-Kickapoo, Brett Reed-Hartville, and Jeremy Mullins-Crane, plus player Lexie Vaught-Crane/Drury); WRESTLING (Coach Jeremy Phillips-Neosho, Kyler Rea-Neosho/West Virginia, Niko Chavez-Willard), and SWIMMING (Molly Moore-Summit Prep). Send in YOUR questions for the players and coaches to acoachsperspective@gmail.com. CHAMPS!