Suit Up! It's Gear Time!

 Bryan Tucker

Bryan Tucker

My gratitude to BSN Representative Bryan Tucker for talking with us tonight about sports equipment and gear, plus (bonus!) bringing in trivia questions and giving away some very cool stuff! He also talked about what it was like to be a sports parent at the high school and college level with his talented sons and offered some valuable advice. Great show because of a great guest!

Next week….it’s tournament time!!! We will preview the traditional holiday tournaments, Blue and Gold, Pink and White Lady Classic, and others around the area, plus the Kinloch Wrestling tournament! In two weeks, the art of scouting, thanks for listening, Wednesday’s from 6:00-7:00pm on JOCK 98.7FM.

Stan Van Gundy!

 Coach Stan Van Gundy speaking at the MBCA Clinic, September 2018

Coach Stan Van Gundy speaking at the MBCA Clinic, September 2018

On this episode, we welcomed long time NBA coach and current ESPN Analyst, Stan Van Gundy. We discussed a wide range of topics including his career, college basketball, NBA basketball, and he answered questions sent in by high school basketball players. Coach Van Gundy did an excellent job sharing his experiences and perspective.

Next week, Bryan Tucker will be here from BSN with some cool gear to give away with trivia questions. In two weeks, we will have a coaches panel on the art of scouting. Thanks for listening!

Know your rules...

My thanks to MSHSAA Assistant Executive Director Kevin Garner and Southwest Missouri Coordinator of Officials and MSHSAA Observer Kelly Holt for clarifying and interpreting the new rule changes and reminders for points of emphasis for this high school basketball season. We were able to review and refresh on some of the rules of the sport.

Next week, NBA Coach Stan VanGundy will join us to talk about the state of college and professional basketball. We will talk about his career and what direction he sees the NBA heading. Join us on Wednesday’s from 6:00-7:00 pm on JOCK 98.7FM.

 Kelly Holt

Kelly Holt

Springfield Area Sports HOF Board Members at Ebbett's Field!


Tonight we hosted a room full of sports contributors. The Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame Board of Directors met and then stayed for the show which was on location at Coach Terry Allen’s own Ebbett’s Field. We had several there that joined us on air to answer questions and play Head’s Up, sports style. Art Hains (who was crowned champion of the games), Corey Riggs, Don West, Tom Mast, Ray Meyer, Bill Rowe, Mark Stillwell, and Tim Blasi all braved the airways while Lynne Miller, Don Keaton, Ned Reynolds, Becky Oakes, and Ron Snodgrass cheered them on. It was a successful night and I appreciated the good sports!

Next week - Ever have a coach that was also a great mentor? Want to thank them? Write a paragraph giving an example and send it in to and we will show coaches some gratitude next week.

"Coach, I was wondering....."

Thank you to all that sent in questions for our college coaches panel. Our panel did an excellent job contributing to the questions. Missouri State Softball coach Holly Hesse, Missouri State Track and Field coach Jordan Fife, and Drury University Wrestling coach James Reynolds gave some excellent insight and advice. Listen to it under Previous Shows or on Apple iTunes Podcast.

Next week, we are going on location! We will be at Ebbett’s Field from 6:00-7:00 and will be visiting with the Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame board members. There are so many potential interviews that I cannot even begin to list the names! Join us next Wednesday night on JOCK 98.7FM.


Trick-or-Treat Trivia!

Wow! The listeners of this show know their sports! Thank you to everyone that called in on our Halloween trivia show. Impressive listeners! Thank you to my gracious co-host, Art Hains for sticking around after his show and helping out. Also, gratitude to my generous sponsors for providing the prizes, Great Southern Bank, Hiland Dairy, and Rib Crib. Thank you, also, to Missouri State University and Drury University Athletic Departments for donating the tickets. We appreciate your contributions, we couldn’t do it without you! Also, a gigantic shout out to my wonderful and talented producer, Duane Darr. He did an amazing job multi-tasking and making this show happen. Sports trivia - gotta love it!

Next week will be our two year anniversary - wow! We will have our college coaches panel on to answer your questions. Send them in to - Happy Halloween!

Ask the Coaches, TAKE TWO!


In this episode, we continued answering your questions to our high school coaches panel. We covered a lot. Thank you for sending them in! Bill Gunn from Kirkwood High School and Jenny Perryman from Nixa were back along with Landon Cornish from Parkview. Great insights by all!

Next week…don’t be scared…but it is Halloween and we are doing a “Trick or Treat Trivia Show” - we will put listeners to the test and give away some prizes. Art Hains will be my co-host - listen, answer the trivia, and win! Wednesday’s 6:00-7:00pm on JOCK 98.7FM.

Ask the Coaches!

 Jenny Perryman, John Hartley (Not pictured: Bill Gunn)

Jenny Perryman, John Hartley (Not pictured: Bill Gunn)

Ever have a question for a high school coach? Curious how they select their teams, the levels, or communicate their expectations? We are answering them! First of all, THANK YOU, to all of the questions that were sent in. We did not get to all of them so we are going to have our panel back next week and continue answer your questions. If you have one, send it in to Our thanks to our panel: Coach Bill Gunn, Coach Jenny Perryman, and Coach John Hartley.

Next week will be take two answering your questions. In two weeks, we will have a college coaching panel on, send in your questions for them, too!


 Carmelita  Jetter

Carmelita Jetter

Olympic Champion Carmelita Jetter joined us for this episode and shared her experience as a professional Track and Field Super Star. She gave energetic and inspiring insight into her career and her transition into coaching and how she will bring her unique style to Missouri State University as their new assistant coach. She describes going from her first track practice in high tops to standing on the biggest stage in sports (the Olympic podium) to coaching and mentoring her student-athletes. Her inner courage through her sports journey is inspiring,

Next week, we will have a panel of coaches on to discuss some of the various topics that effect athletic programs. Our coaches panel will answer some of your questions and scenarios. Email questions to

Sports, Law, and Athletic Programs

 Jill Patterson

Jill Patterson

Thank you to attorney and Title IX Coordinator at Missouri State University, Jill Patterson, for educating us on the various laws that effect athletic programs at the high school and college level. Her insights were informative and generated some excellent conversation on what athletic programs need to be aware of and how to handle certain situations.

Next week, new Missouri State University assistant track coach and “fastest female alive” Carmelita Jeter will join us about her phenomenal career and her transition to coaching. We will also catch up with some coaches from the Missouri Basketball Coaches Association’s annual clinic.

Heads Up! Let's Play Catch...

 Ethan Bryan, Caleb Cole, Lisa Tinkler

Ethan Bryan, Caleb Cole, Lisa Tinkler

In this episode we chat with Lisa Tinkler and Caleb Cole about their new youth training facility in Springfield, RedLine Athletics. Individual and team training are available and their facility has a new, fresh flavor on how to train athletes from ages 8-18. Check them out at

My other guest fascinates me! He has been on quite a journey this year. We welcomed back to the show, talented author Ethan Bryan. You may remember him on our Superfan show where he represented the Kansas City Royals. Baseball is a huge passion for Ethan and on New Year’s Day he decided to play catch with his daughter and that game of catch developed into playing catch with a variety of people every day for 365 days. He spoke with us about the friendships that have evolved and the travels that his endeavor has produced. What a cool ride! We appreciated his story and sharing it with us. Oh…and yes, I am now on his list! We played catch before the show and during the show! Best of luck to him as he closes the year out.

Next week we are going to explore several topics that coaches are facing nation wide…it may get deep….so be ready! Wednesday’s 6:00-7:00pm on JOCK 98.7FM.

Joe Namath...Enough Said

 Joe Namath

Joe Namath

In this episode, we catch up with former NFL quarterback, Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP, and Chairman of the of his own foundation, Joe Namath. We talk about his time at Alabama winning a national championship and playing for Bear Bryant, his time as a Super Bowl Champion with the New Jets, and what he is doing now to help the youth of our society and neurological research. Former teammate Tommy Burnett joins us to introduce him and talk about what kind of leader and teammate Joe Namath was during that time. Thank you to dad and Mr. Namath for spending some time with us!

Next week, Lisa Tinkler will be here to talk about the new local training facility, RedLine Athletics. We will also catch up with Ethan Bryan on his 365 day challenge of playing catch with 365 different people. Yes, we are going to play catch!

Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame...Class of 2018

 Coach Roy Green, Cathy Reynolds, Coach Mike Keltner

Coach Roy Green, Cathy Reynolds, Coach Mike Keltner

In this episode, we recognize the induction class of 2018 for the Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame. We caught up with Coach Nyla Milleson, Coach Roy Green, Coach Mike Keltner, and Cathy Reynolds about their accomplishments and the impact they have had in the world of sports. Manny Oliver will also be inducted. My thanks to these accomplished individuals for spending some time with us, they were very entertaining!

Next week, we will have former NFL quarterback and Hall of Famer Joe Namath on as we discuss his professional career during and after the NFL. I “guarantee” you will love this interview! If you don’t get that reference…do some research…

Volleyball - Dig It!

 Veteran Volleyball Officials: Bob Horton and Brian Heaton

Veteran Volleyball Officials: Bob Horton and Brian Heaton

Thank you to my Volleyball officials and experts, Brian Heaton and Bob Horton!  In this episode, we broke down the energetic sport of volleyball.  We learned the ins and outs of this sport and were updated on the rule changes for this season for high school and college.  My guests did an excellent job! 

Next week we gear up for the Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame Induction Banquet of 2018.  Joining us will be Coach Mike Keltner, Coach Roy Green, Cathy Reynolds, and Coach Nyla Milleson.  Also, being inducted is former Harlem Globetrotter, Manny Oliver.  Join us as we celebrate the outstanding achievements of these individuals. 

In two weeks, former NFL player and Hall of Famer Joe Namath will be with us to talk about his career! JOCK 98.7FM Wednesday nights from 6:00-7:00pm! 

College and Professional Athletes Talk Lifestyle, Pressure, and Experiences of Athletes Today

 Lucas Harrell 

Lucas Harrell 

 Maty Mauk

Maty Mauk

In this episode, former Major League Baseball player Lucas Harrell joins us again to talk about the lifestyle of a professional athlete and how athletes deal with the pressures they face.  Also, joining us in the conversation was former University of Missouri Quarterback and current assistant coach at Glendale High School, Maty Mauk.  Both gentlemen shared their experiences, highs and lows, and how those experiences have shaped them into the young men they are today.  

On our next show, we are going to look at the upcoming fall sports.  We looked at football, now we are going to focus on volleyball, softball, tennis, golf, cross country, and swimming.  Join us on Wednesday nights from 6:00-7:00pm on JOCK 98.7FM!

Yo, Ref! Football Rule Updates and Clarifications for the 2018 Season

 Ron Snodgrass and Emry Dilday

Ron Snodgrass and Emry Dilday

The 2018 football season is upon us and there are some rule changes at the high school, college, and NFL levels.  My excellent panel did a wonderful job clarifying and expanding on each one. Thank you to Emry Dilday, 54 year veteran high school and college official, Ron Snodgrass 35 year veteran and Big 10 conference referee, and Dan Isreal, Executive Producer for the Kansas City Chiefs Radio Network.  We are ready for some football!!! 

Have you ever thought about becoming a football official?  Contact Emry Dilday and he will get you rolling like he has hundreds of others!  Big 10 official Ron Snodgrass got his start under Emry and advises anyone that is thinking about it to join, "This is a great way to advocate and be a part of the game." Contact Emry at to get started! 

On our next show, being an athlete has its rewards, but it is not always easy.  When the TV and radio are turned off and the arena and stadium shut down, athletes have a lot to deal with off the field in order to be successful.  We are going to talk to Lucas Harrell more on the behind scenes of being a professional athlete and we will also have former University of Missouri quarterback Maty Mauk on about his experiences as an athlete. 

The Power of Assistant Coaches! Yeah, you know what I am saying...

 Kindal Huett, Paul Evans, Ben Fisher, Trish Marsh 

Kindal Huett, Paul Evans, Ben Fisher, Trish Marsh 

In this episode, we explore the power of good assistant coaches.  Every Head Coach knows exactly what we are talking about - you must have a strong staff in order to have a successful program.  Our panel discusses the challenges, rewards, and positive qualities of powerful assistants.  Our thanks to Coach Paul Evans (Missouri State University Baseball), Coach Kindal Huett (one of my former assistants and current head coach), Coach Ben Fisher (Drury University Men's Basketball), and Coach Trish Marsh (former High School and College assistant and current head coach) for their insights and refections.

On August 8th, join us as we look at the preview of football season with officials Emry Dilday and Ron Snodgrass.  We will look at rule changes and rule interpretations.  

Batter up! Major League Baseball Player Lucas Harrell is on the Mound!

 Lucas Harrell 

Lucas Harrell 

In this episode, we speak with retired Major League Baseball player and Ozark , Missouri native Lucas Harrell about his experience as a professional baseball player and, also, about the lifestyle of a Major Leaguer.  Lucas gives us excellent insight into the behind the scenes life as a professional athlete and delivers valuable guidance for young athletes.  

Our next show will feature the power of assistant coaches and how important it is to have a solid staff for a successful program.  

New college programs are off and going...thanks to these coaches!


Building a new collegiate program is a huge task and undertaking and our guests have done an excellent job at conquering this goal.  James Reynolds has developed a Wrestling program and a culture that Drury University can be proud of and support.  Tom Ruck has done the same with the Drury University Shotgun Team.  Bonus!  Team captain and multi-medalist Quincy Standage also expresses how valuable her experience has been on the Shotgun Team. 

Next week, cheer on the Cardinals!  Happy 4th of July!  On July 11th, join us as we speak with Major League Baseball player, and Ozark native, Lucas Harrell about life in the majors. 

Sport Dads that have FIGURED IT OUT!

 Shawn Widel, Stan Sechlor, Tommy Burnett, Terry Kleier

Shawn Widel, Stan Sechlor, Tommy Burnett, Terry Kleier

These sport dads have being a positive influence and healthy sport parent down to a tee.  Their wise words and advice of supporting and encouraging their children in athletics through playing in the yard, releasing them to the coaches and games, and loving their kids through success and failure inspire dads to embrace and cherish their time as a sport dad.  Stan Sechlor, Shawn Widel, Terry Kleier, and my co-host, Dr. Tommy Burnett did an excellent job! 


Next week, we chat with some college coaches that are starting college programs from the ground up.  The challenges and rewards are plenty when starting a new program.  June 27, 2018 6:00-7:00pm on JOCK 98.7FM.