Episode 137 - October 9, 2019 Guests: Mike Keltner and Larry Nemmers

We welcomed in this episode two Hall of Famers, Coach Mike Keltner and NFL official Larry Nemmers. We spent the first half of the show talking about the psychology of coaches and officials in their game preparation, holding concentration, and minimizing distractions. . We then debuted a new segment called “Out of a Hat” where we drew random questions and they had to answer them on the fly. We are happy to report they did a tremendous job! If you missed it, make sure you listen on the website or Apple iTunes Podcast.

Episode 136 - October 2, 2019 Guests - Don Louzader, Ethan Bryan, Loren Broaddus

This episode consisted of the return of our Major League Baseball correspondents Don Louzader and Ethan Bryan.  We also had a very special guest, and talented author, Loren Broaddus.  Ethan updated us on the Kansas City Royals and their season while Don shared with us the experience of feeling the champagne fly in the St. Louis Cardinals clubhouse after celebrating the path to the playoffs.  We then took an in depth look into the beautiful work of Loren’s book, Joe DiMaggio Moves Like Liquid Light.  This book of baseball poetry captures some beautiful memories, stories and experiences that entertain and generate conversation.  If you are interested, and you are, you can find a copy of his book at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million and several other entities.  Check it out, it is a treasure!

Episode 135 - September 25, 2019 Guests: Bob Huggins, Steve Forbes, Becky Oakes

In this episode we caught up with West Virginia Men’s Basketball Coach Bob Huggins about his friendship with Charlie Spoonhour.  We then caught up with Coach Steve Forbes from East Tennessee State University about his vision and philosophy for ETSU.  We then wrapped up our Sports Psychology series with Becky Oakes and talked about the roles of state associations, national associations and school districts in the support and access of resources for the mental health of athletes and coaches. This has been a tremendous series full of valuable insights and information.  My thanks to all who made it possible and we will revisit this series again in the future! 

Episode 134 - September 18, 2019 Guests: Dr. Patrick Cohn and Coach Holly Hesse

In this episode, premier sports psychologist Dr. Patrick Cohn joins us and talks about the value of pre-game routine and preparation for maximum production. He also discussed the challenges with handling with perfectionism and playing with a fear of failure.  His tips for effective coping skills were valued and are also outlined on his website peaksports.com. He also has a great podcast on Apple iTunes.  We also caught up with Missouri State University softball coach, Holly Hesse as she explained the value and implementation of the DISC test and how it can make your athletes more coachable. 

Episode 133 - September 11, 2019 Guests-Tim Blasi, Mark Stratton

On this episode, we are joined by future Springfield Area Sports Hall of Famers Mark Stratton and Tim Blasi. Both of these gentlemen have accumulated many accolades over the years, but the most important ones are the influences they have had on their teammates and players. We had some tremendous guests call in and offer their heartfelt and genuine congratulations to them both. My thanks to Mark Bailey, Scott Bailes, Mark Resz, and Neil Chambers. Also, thank you to Christie Blasi and Sara Stratton Kaderly for helping arrange our special guests!

Episode 132 - September 4, 2019 Guests-Corey Bray, Hailey Diestelkamp, Connor Sechlor

In this episode, we continue to explore the mental side of the game in our Sports Psychology Series. We are joined by Drury University’s Director of Athletics Corey Bray, standout women’s basketball player, and NCAA Division II Player of the Year, Hailey Diestelkamp, and all-MVC and standout pitcher for the Missouri State University Bears baseball team, Connor Sechlor. Insights and discussion included mental preparation, dealing with anxiety, pressure, playing perfect, and tuning out negative voices. The positive message from the panel gave advice and guidance for athletes, coaches, and other contributors of athletic programs.

Episode 131-August 21, 2019 Guests-John Schaefer, Holly Hesse, Don Keeton

In this episode, we are kicking off a series on Sports Psychology. We assembled a panel of coaches to take us through their techniques for mentally training athletes for peak performance. We discussed visualization, using the mind’s eye, goal setting, dealing with anxiety, fear of failure, and many more. They gave out some excellent techniques and advice for athletes and coaches. We even talked about coaches holding their composure (which is not easy). My thanks to the talented panel that joined us including Coach Holly Hesse with Missouri State University Softball, Coach John Schaefer with Logan-Rogersville Boys Basketball, and Track and Field legend Coach Don Keeton.

Episode 130 - August 14, 2019 Guests-Don Louzader, Ethan Bryan

Our trusty baseball correspondents, Ethan Bryan and Don Louzader, joined us in studio to update us on the Kansas City Royals and the St. Louis Cardinals. We also congratulated Don on his Fun Acre Open Championship and Ethan for making the Grip and Rib Baseball League! Check them out on Sundays! Follow Ethan’s journey at www.ethanbryan.com. We also told some W.O.W. (WHAT or WHY?) stories, too fun! My thanks to Chris Adams for his stories that he sent in (not that I gave him a choice) and to Matt Wright for sending in his story.

Episode 129-August 7, 2019 Guests-Paul Nahon, Corey Riggs, Don West

In this episode, we celebrate the back to back World Team Tennis Champions, the phenomenal Springfield Lasers. General Manager Paul Nahon joined us and recapped the championship season along with Springfield Lasers producer and broadcaster Corey Riggs and Don West. we discussed how the circuit is organized, how they fill their roster and a lot of other angles involved in running this championship program.

Episode 128 - July 31, 2019 Guests-Rodney Perry, Chris McCabe, Corey Bray

On this episode we catch up with former Missouri State University Men’s Basketball standout, Rodney Perry. Coach Perry discusses where he has been and how he has stayed involved in the game of basketball and is currently the assistant coach at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. We also caught up with former Liberty North coach and new Head Men’s Basketball Coach at William Jewel. Chris McCabe. We discussed his vision for William Jewel’s program and also how he feels about youth sports. Then, we welcomed Drury University’s new Director of Athletics Corey Bray and talked about his vision for Drury and how his path and experience has prepared him so well for his new post here in Springfield.

Episode 127 - July 17, 2019 Guests - Aminu Mohammed, Grady Dick, Sam Thompson, Taj Manning, Max Wisner, and Luke Kasubky

None of these players said that, but they should have! Michael Jordan was the BEST. These athletes are on the trail to greatness. Already having multiple Division I offers and some a Junior NBA World Championship they know what it takes to crawl up to the top. Listen to how they got their start in basketball, what they love about it, what they are looking for in a school and how they stay humble. Interviews include Aminu Mohammed, Grady Dick, Sam Thompson, Taj Manning, Max Wisner, and Luke Kasubky. We caught up with them at the Midwest Showcase in Kansas City ran by six state associations and hosted by the Missouri State High School Activities Association and the Missouri Basketball Coaches Association.

Episode 126 - July 10, 2019

Guests - Earl Austin Jr., Brooklyn and Shane Friebe, Carter and Corey Riggs

Tonight’s episode was a tribute to Hall of Famer Earl Austin Jr.s book series, You Might Need a Jacket, profiling short stories of crazy antics that occur in the stands during youth sporting events. Earl has covered high school sports for over 30 years in the St. Louis area and has heard and seen a lot of crazy behavior! This is a perfect fit into our Youth Sports series, as parents we have to be mindful of the experience we are providing our youth, and be mindful of the reputation and role modeling that evolves through that time in our lives. Little eyes are always on you!

My thanks to my youth athletes and their dads, who read some story’s from Earl’s book. These crazy stories coming to you from a child’s voice puts it into perspective and amplifies the ridiculous actions of “adults” at youth sporting events. My readers, Carter Riggs (Dad-Corey Riggs) and Brooklyn Friebe (Dad-Shane Friebe) did a tremendous job! They may be the next generation of sportscasters!

Episode 125 - June 26, 2019

Guests - Colin Barnett, Sam Plummer

In this episode we had a panel of youth sports organizations represented by Sam Plummer of the Boys and Girls Club and Colin Barnett from the YMCA. We discussed the mission of these organizations and the opportunities they provide for our youth. We also covered the training of youth coaches and expectations. Then, the big question, what is the role of a parent in youth sports? We discussed advice for parents and how to keep things in perspective for the sake of all involved. My guests did an excellent job expressing the desire to keep the focus on the kids and their experience and hope that coaches, officials and parents will positively partner with them in this mission.

Episode 124 - June 12, 2019

Guests - Tommy Burnett, Joe Kruzel, Ed Cleeton, Ryan Schafittzel, Scott Hopkins

Our studio was full with Sports Dads on this episode! We talked about how to be a productive, supportive, and positive sports parent. Great advice and valued perspectives from our dads! My thanks to my co-host, Tommy Burnett (my dad)-always enjoy his stories! We also had Springfield Cardinals Manager Joe Kruzel and enjoyed listening to his advice as a dad and what his take is on the Springfield Cardinals organization and how he plans to advance it. Also, in studio the amazing dad of four, Ed Cleeton, the wonderful dad and coach of his sons, Ryan Schafittzel, and the fantastic father of my children, Scott Hopkins. We also congratulated my daughter Hailey Jo on her college graduation and wished her Bon Voyage as she takes off to explore Europe for a year!

Episode 123 - June 5, 2019

Guests - Lucas Harrell, Don Louzader, Ethan Bryan

My thanks to our St. Louis Cardinals correspondent Don Louzader and his review on the redbirds and thank you to Ethan Bryan for our update on the Kansas City Royals. We also caught up with Major League Baseball Player Lucas Harrell . His player perspective is always appreciated. We also did a couple of Baseball 101 segments for those who need to brush up on the MLB basics. Home run!

Episode 122 - May 22, 2019

Guests - Chuck Hepola, Kelsey Keizer, Jack Roberts

On this episode, we explore the challenges that incoming freshmen athletes have when they transition from high school to college. athletics. Our college coaches panel advised athletes how to best prepare for that first year of collegiate competition. My thanks to Evangel Head Football Coach Chuck Hepola, Southwest Baptist University Head Women’s Basketball Coach Kelsey Keizer, and Missouri State University assistant Soccer Coach Jack Roberts for their valuable input.

Episode 121 - May 15, 2019

3rd Annual Trivia Throw-down Showdown!

The 3rd Annual A Coach’s Perspective Trivia Throw-down Showdown did not disappoint! The teams were competitive and it was touch and go for awhile….but the CHAMPIONS this year (by one point)…..(insert drum roll)….Art Hains and Don Louzader! Congratulations to the CHAMPS! (Cue the Bill Conti music-if you listened, you will get that!). Placing 2nd this year (again, by one point) Corey Riggs and Shane Friebe! Going home 3rd and with beautiful participation ribbons, our new team, Tom Ladd and Carly Deer Stubblefield!

My thanks to the tap dancing producer of our show, Duane Darr and our official for the evening, Big 10 referee, Dr. Ron Snodgrass. Also, gratitude goes to JoBelle Hopper for cooking the meal! Thank you to the listeners that sent in questions and Coach Bill Rowe for calling in with some of his own. Start gathering more now and we will put them in next year!

Episode 120 - May 8, 2019

Guests - JoBelle Hopper, Beverly Ramsey, Jill Widel, Dawn Hale

Our Sports Moms Panel did a fantastic job of expressing the importance of our youth being active and all of the rewards that come along with that involvement. They also provided some valuable advice for our youth coaches and youth parents. My appreciation to my co-host, JoBelle Hopper (my mom), Beverly Ramsey, Jill Widel, and Dawn Hale. Happy Mother’s Day!

Episode 119 - May 1, 2019

Guests - Dan Reiter and Christina Ford

In this episode we were joining by Springfield Cardinals General Manager Dan Reiter as he shared their new business model, events coming up, and how the team is expected to do this season in their league. Visit their website for more information! https://www.milb.com/springfield/

We also spoke with Christina Ford on her journey to assist women and children in the fight against domestic violence. Her and her husband, Dana Ford, have developed a foundation that provides housing and resources for those in need. This is an incredible journey, please check out their website at www.thereboundfound.org and get involved! Stay tuned for the next Rebound Challenge!

Episode 118 - April 24, 2019

Guests - Isiaih Mosley, Haley Frank, Jill Nagel, Shane Friebe, Don Louzader, Ethan Bryan

In this week’s episode we caught up with Mr. and Miss ShowMe Basketball. Isiaiah Mosley, future Missouri State Bear, and Haley Frank, future Missouri Tiger, and they shared with us what their future holds and how grateful they were for their high school success. We also heard from Columbia Rock Bridge Coach Jill Nagel on her induction into the Missouri Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

Don Louzader, Shane Friebe, Ethan Bryan

We also had the knowledgeable umpire Shane Friebe on to go over the new baseball rules at the college and professional level. THEN we had our resident St. Louis Cardinals guru, Don Louzader, and our resident Kansas City Royals guru, Ethan Bryan, here to talk about their teams and the expectations for them this season. They also touched on key elements and possible challenges for their teams this season.