Great Southern Bank is our presenting sponsor - so grateful for their partnership!

Great Southern Bank is our presenting sponsor - so grateful for their partnership!

Show Segments

Here are the shows segments.  We will have, not all, but some every week.  If you have a story idea for a particular segment, please click on "Submit Story and Guest Ideas" on the menu screen to the right or at the bottom of this page.  

FASTBREAK UPDATES - There will be a summary/highlight of some local and national sports news that has occurred in the past week. 

ANOTHER ANGLE - Guests will consist of athletes (from ALL sports), coaches (from all levels), officials, parents, academic advisors, athletic directors, sports broadcasters, MSHSAA officials, athletic trainers, managers, mascots, and others that play a valued role in the arena of athletics. Angles will include the obvious current status and roles, but, also, more in depth angles that most do not see…the behind the scenes look at preparation, application, and production stages of their particular sport and role. There will be human-interest stories and ethical dilemmas; plus inspirational motivators. You never know how someone will relate to someone else’s role or situation.  SPONSORED BY BILL GRANT FORD IN BOLIVAR-See Sponsor Links

W.O.W...WHAT?? OR WHY?? - This segment will be a short story of something that has happen in local, state, national, or international sports that leaves us saying What??? or Why??? These can be crazy hard to believe stories, touching and motivating to humorous and entertaining.  Some might just make us scratch and shake our heads.SPONSORED BY SHELTER INSURANCE, CRAIG LEHMAN-See Sponsor Links 

HUMAN CHAMPION PROFILE - This segment profiles one person in sports from any of the roles in sports and details their history, experience, and impact in sports.  It could be a Hall of Fame candidate or someone in your sports that is succeeding against odds.  It can be someone that is no longer on a sports team, but is living life with the lessons they learned through sports...a human champion.  The range of profiles for this is endless and will be engaging as well as motivating. 

INPUT=OUTPUT- This will be a segment on educational information for performance in athletics.  We will be discussing the newest and best ways to enhance an athlete's performance.  There will be segments on nutrition, workouts, technique and skill development, camps, clinics, any area that benefits athletes and their health.  This in turn, will hopefully motivate listeners to improve their own health, even after their athletic careers. 

CHALLENGE QUESTIONS - There will be questions about local sports and sports figures. 

THE MENTAL EDGE - This segment will contain angles from the mental and emotional side of athletics.  It may include techniques on mental game preparation to sports counseling for athletes with too much pressure to sports injury rehabilitation. 

"COACHES OF THE ROUND TABLE" - This segment will discuss various topics in sports in a 'round table' format with several contributors and points of view represented.

SPORTS 101 - This segment will discuss various topics in sports at their foundation.  History, organization, the basics of a particular sport and why we love it. SPONSORED BY WEST LOGGING - See Sponsor Links


KNOW YOUR RULES…OR KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! - This will be a segment about rule changes, updates, or helping loud people in the stands yelling out justification for an action that is NOT in the rulebook! 

"ARE YOU AN IDIOT, OR DO YOU JUST ACT LIKE ONE IN THE STANDS?" - Yes.  A segment on the hot button subject of parents and fans acting undesirable in the stands.  This is a subject I am passionate about; fans need to realize that the athletes are the ones that are damaged by their idiotic actions. SPONSORED BY HILAND DAIRY-See Sponsor Links

“CATCHING UP WITH…” - In this segment we will catch up with former athletes, coaches and contributors on what they have been up to since representing whatever program and arena they did and what life after eligibility has brought them. SPONSORED BY GREG AND MELINDA BURNETT-See Sponsor Links

PANEL POWER - In this segment, we assemble a panel on a particular topic and discuss in detail the ins and outs of that particular subject. Panels often answer questions sent in by listeners! SPONSORED BY WEST LOGGING-See Sponsor Links

CELEBRATING CHAMPIONS - In this segment, we celebrate a championship season with coaches, players and contributors.

POST GAME TALK - Each show will end with a motivational story, quote, experience or lesson just like a pre-or-post game talk would be.  It will be motivating and leave the listeners thinking and generate conversation.  It will also bring a close to the show and remind listeners, again, why they love sports so much. SPONSORED BY STOREE CONSTRUCTION-See Sponsor Links