“Sports reveal the true nature of our character. Live life as a HUMAN CHAMPION.”


Coach Jeni Hopkins

Coach Jeni Hopkins


A little tidbit...

This is a site based on the sports radio show, A Coach's Perspective. My name is Jeni Hopkins and I have been a coach for the past 24 years and have loved every minute of it.  Yes, of course, there are a lot of highs and lows in coaching, but the rewards and the privilege of working with such outstanding student-athletes, assistant coaches, managers, athletic directors, athletic trainers, officials, table workers, and many more are what I valued the most.  The intangibles and intricacies of sports deserve to be explored and a voice needs to be given to coaches, players, officials, and others that play such vital roles in the arena of sports. This is about giving that voice.  

I am also currently the President of the Missouri Basketball Coaches Association and have a lot of pride in the promotional mission and advocacy of that organization for coaches.  Check out our website at www.mobca.org

I am also a proud member of the board of directors of the Springfield Area Sports Hall of Fame.  This is a non-profit organization that recognizes excellence in sports and in turn raises funds for youth sports.  Our website is www.springfieldhof.com

Another adventure is that I am a color analyst for Mediacom and MSHSAA.tv and am thrilled to work with them during basketball season while getting a front row seat to the best basketball!

I also run a basketball luncheon every two weeks, Court Talk, during basketball season.  This luncheon promotes basketball in Springfield and includes all of the city high school and college coaches. 

I am currently a School Counselor at Greenwood Laboratory School, my Alma Mater.  I love those Bluejays! 

My favorite role is with my family.  My husband of over two decades is Scott Hopkins.  My daughter, Hailey Jo, is currently a student at the University of Arkansas and my son, Hayden, is a high school student at Greenwood Laboratory School.